Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of deposit do you require?

We require 50% down on all orders. Deposits are accepted in Cheque, Credit Card and EFT.

If I bring my logo on a disk / CD, what format works best?

We use PC's. Depending on your needs and the design of the sign, many formats are viable. We will discuss this on a case by case basis however in most cases a vectorised file and hi-res pdf will be OK.

Can you make a sign from a digital photograph?

Yes, and we do often! The better the quality is of the photograph, the better your digital image will turn out!

I see many vehicles that are completely covered in advertising --- can SIGN-A-RAMA provide this service?

Yes. This depends on your vehicle and budget. The best thing to do is have one of our consultants inspect your vehicle and take measurements for a quote.

If I have special color matching requirements, or need to have my letterhead and business cards matched can SIGN-A-RAMA meet my needs?

Yes. Depending on the type of sign and it’s uses, we can match according to your needs.

Do I need a permit for my sign?

You may or may not. It is always advisable to check with your local Council's Planning Department to confirm the exact requirements in your area.

Some Councils have requirements in relation to heritage listed areas within their municipality and this may effect the design and colour requirements of your sign.

If I am getting a sign installed on my vehicle, how long will my car / truck / van be out of service?

Most vehicles can be lettered in one business day.

Can my sign be delivered?

Yes, we can arrange delivery your sign/s.

Does SIGN-A-RAMA create trade show booths and graphics?

Yes, of course. We can customise them especially for your requirements.

What is the largest sign I could order from a SIGN-A-RAMA full service sign centre?

There are no signs too large for us!

How can I pay for my Sign?

We accept Cash, Cheque, Credit Card (VISA, Bankcard or Mastercard) and EFT - Direct Deposit.

Where can I find some information on designing my own Sign

Have a look at our Learning Centre of this web site. If you can't find an answer please let us know so we can add it?

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